"It has been almost a six-year relationship with Dr. Stone and we can’t imagine using the services of any other audiologist in our area."

- Susan K. 

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Family Hearing Center. Hear Better. Live Better.

Hearing loss changes your world. Words become whispers. Talk at the dinner table becomes a string of mumbles. And you may find yourself asking friends and family members to repeat themselves.

  • Have you missed church sermons or crucial information during a meeting?
  • Do you find yourself stumbling through conversations with your grandchildren? 
  • How many other important moments have you lost to a hearing problem?

We are Family Hearing Center and we understand that hearing loss can be difficult to address, discouraging to comprehend, and frustrating to find a solution. We not only offer a soothing environment and a friendly staff, but we also have years of experience in audiology and hearing loss treatment. When hearing loss happens, don’t let it overcome your life. Your hearing problems are our concerns.

Family Hearing Center. Hear Better. Live Better.